My new toy is Eyeshadow palette by H&M in 32 colors

Today I’ll tell you about my find - the H&M eyeshadow palette.

Full Product Name: Eyeshadow palette by H&M
After looking at your wonderful makeup girls, I decided that I needed a big palette of eyeshadows. Firstly, to figure out what suits me, and secondly, to learn how to paint eyes cool as well. I just decided to order a palette with 88 colors, how did I get this one. The colors in it are so cool, so different, and at first glance bright:
In artificial lighting:
I brought my little stick home and let's test. The shadows themselves are small, but still I have enough for half my life. The packaging is convenient, with a plastic transparent lid that folds completely:
Comes with two sponges that can be safely thrown into the trash

Most of the shadows in the palette are satin, there are also several matte shades. The shadows are quite loose, it is not easy to get used to them. They are not of very good quality and are not suitable for complex makeup. At first, when trying to create a smooth transition from one shade to another, my makeup turned into a solid dirty spot, but now I got my hand so that if I try, I can make a decent make-up of two or three colors. I did not try to wear them without a base, but judging by their quality, this is not an option at all, because they are very strewed and smeared. But at the base I stay all day, do not slide anywhere and do not disappear)
Many shades are poorly pigmented and heavily layered, it is difficult to go too far with them, which is more a plus for me
Swatch (in daylight)

Well, for example, a few simple make-ups from me

To summarize, we have a very good palette for its price. Due to the variety of colors, I more or less figured out which shades I need to pay attention to and which ones should not be resorted to) And in general, with such a color variety you can make up in almost any color, so I'm very happy with the purchase!
Price: 800 p.
Test period: 2 weeks
Rating: 4 (after all, the quality of shadows is not so hot)

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