Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Reviews

Not so long ago I had a little passion ... for varnishes with a gold shimer. Started to collect a little from what is on the market. So far I have only two exhibits.

For a long time I was looking for Dior Vernis 447 Mandarin orange, although varnish is represented in the permanent collection, but it turned out to be problematic to find. While I was running around all the capital Letuals, IDB and Rive Gauchet, I came across Chanel Nail Color Frison 543. On the way, I became the owner of these two varnishes with a gold shimer. My comparison is based precisely on how highly noticeable this is gold itself, which gives volume to color and mystery to the coating.
Chanel Nail Color Frisson 543
Delicate rose with golden sparks. Like a little fairy Ding-Ding flew past this tube of varnish and dropped its beautiful pollen. Chanel’s shimer, like pollen, is so small that looking at it you can train visual acuity
Not the first time I got into color. It went too transparently, sometimes because of the abundance of layers it was incredibly long. I just didn’t like the way he looked on his nails. This varnish will be beautiful on short nails. On a little overgrown, like mine, he is already lost. There is no charm that this color can have. So that he does not go transparent, I applied a leveling base. It corrects the imperfections of the nail plate and helps the color to lie denser. Although, it seems to me that the length of the nail plays a trick on color.
Golden shimer is visible only with good lighting, in normal life, the coating will be white and pink.

Price: 1 161 rub.
My mark: 4, since I'm still looking for a beautiful light pink varnish with a gold shimer and a perfectly dense coating.
Dior Vernis 447 Mandarin orange.
Tangerine happiness. Color is relevant always and everywhere.
Not as bright as the orange color can be, voluminous due to the golden shimer. It fits perfectly in two layers, there are no stripes or problems. First of all, I like its volume, by the way, the shimer in it is somehow not round, but like pieces of the New Year's “rain”. This little addition plays beautifully, not only in the sun, but also in room light. A shade that lifts the mood and with which I am sure that the manicure is not yet so bright that I would leave it until the weekend. A holiday on weekdays, that's what this color is for me. Everything about him is wonderful, and how lucky I was to find him.

Price: 750 rub. (I got it at a discount of 35 percent)
My mark: 5, here he is a wonderful representative of varnishes with a golden highlight.

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