Byly Depil Bleaching Cream - Hair Bleaching Cream

Good day, girls!
I thought for a long time whether to do this post, but still decided, suddenly someone will come in handy))
The topic is quite intimate, so please treat with understanding.
Every summer I have this problem. not even a problem, rather a question.
The hair on my hands ((((They seem to be not very long and not very dark (in the sense that it’s worse), but I don’t like it and that’s it. I’m not complex, I wear a short sleeve calmly, but that's all we want to be perfect))) I used to remove hair with cream for depilation, but this is not convenient, lasts for a short time, and then hemp sticks that need to be grown a little so that the cream takes them, etc., in general, is not ideal. I can’t do it for some medical reasons. I tried the epilator, but it hurts wildly ((, the skin reaction is terrible, well, + the same honey so far Ania (((Of course, ideally, you can make photos and td- hair removal, but there is always a but)))
So, my hand (macro, consider this, I'm not a bear at all))):
In general, I decided to bleach my hair)) I heard a lot about this tool, I decided to try))
In a set of 2 tubes: smaller (with a green strip) - cream activator, more (with a white strip) - active substance. You need to mix them 1: 2. Further, attached instructions, a plastic container for mixing and a stick for stirring / application.

We squeeze out the compositions, mix well.
It stinks terribly, with ammonia ((It seems to me that even the most terrible blond hair dye doesn’t stink like that)))
We put on hands. The texture of a typical cream depilator, quite thick, is applied a little bald spots.
you need to keep it for 10-15 minutes, but no more than 15. Which one, after 5 minutes, starts to bake as if pouring boiling water on your hand ((But, we want to be beautiful, we endure courageously)) My husband came to the smell, said that he never I didn’t feel like it stank)))
After 12 minutes, I, jumping from foot to foot and waving my arms, ran to wash off))
Washed off quite easily. Everything is red and spotted ((But, probably, this is a natural reaction to products containing such components (ammonia, peroxide). I spread it with Panthenol, blew it)))
After panthenol, the redness subsided a little, but the small red dots lasted until the morning, I smeared with all sorts of creams, but there was no itching, pain, too, only the red dots. By the way, the product is declared for sensitive skin, contains chamomile, well, I don’t know (((Nifiga is not for sensitive there))
Here is a part of the hand close
Bottom line: well, should I endure? The hairs became lightened by half a ton ((No more. At least I expected more. Maybe the effect will be better from several procedures? And how then does this thing work for girls with really high vegetation, with hard, thick, dark hair? I was disappointed, I won’t buy it anymore, I’ll look further.
Price: 600 rub
Duration of use: 6 times for almost 2 months
Rating: 3 (well, for half a ton and hope)))
Girls, who is struggling with such a problem, if any? Share the recipes, very interesting.
Thanks for attention!

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