Lipstick Repair

Hello to all! Such a nuisance happened to me recently. The son reached the mother’s cosmetic bag)))
I thought I’ll throw it out, but it wasn’t there. Excitement reigned in me ... and suddenly I can fix it, I can’t fix it - then I will throw it out. Interested please under cat.
Here she is the heroine of today's post. GIVENCHY Rouge Interdit Lipstick No. 24 Pink Whisper
The color is so-so. It was received as a gift and was used mainly for painting the middle of the lips. First and foremost, because of the color. Lipstick is very light even for such a pale girl like me, and dry sparkles are just brrrr). I didn’t use it completely on my lips.
This is how she looks on her lips:Therefore, a plan has ripened to mix it with lip balm
Here is what I needed:
On the photo there are: an aroma lamp, a syringe selected according to the size of the stick of lipstick with a cut off top, as well as a lip balm. In the photo are missing - a candle for aroma lamps and any wooden stick for stirring (I had it from sushi).
We put the lipstick and balm into the aroma lamp container, light a candle and stir constantly.
Then gently pour the melted mass into the syringeWe are waiting for it to cool. In the photo, I pushed her out of the syringe just a little to show that it wasn’t necessary. Carefully join the edges of the syringe with the case from under the lipstick (first screw the case to the extreme position - as if you were closing the lipstick), push the resulting lipstick into the case with the piston of the syringe.
Done! Lipstick edge can be cut for more aesthetics.
We use it.
The color of the lipstick has not changed, but it has become fatter and more pleasant on the lips ...
Thanks for stopping by. I will answer all questions of interest within their modest knowledge)))

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