Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash-Pamping Spotlight Shine Lipgloss Reviews

Hello everyone in my shine shelf arrived! For a long time I did not have the shine of Dior of this line, I decided to refresh my memory
In my photo shoot grandmother took part, I think no one is against her presence

In a tube, the gloss is not attractive at all, I would not have paid attention to it if it had not been for the action on the fly, accidentally tested it on my hand and fell in love! Very delicate dusty pink, absolutely without shimmer, delicate cream. I doubted for a long time, I was very afraid that such a shade and texture would strongly flow into the folds of the lips.
The gloss of a very pleasant texture, not dense, but he needs a little time to evenly sit on his lips, because when applied, it streaks a little. On the macro we will see that the gloss is slightly numb, but I assure you that these numbnesses are not visible in life! She doesn’t dry her lips, doesn’t slip into a strip. Fragrance is barely perceptible, very pleasant.
What I don’t like about these sparkles is the brush. Well, I don’t like everything, it’s kind of hard, too thick - it’s inconvenient to paint over the outline.
Let's take a closer look at the shade. The bug also really liked the shine, he / she crawled for a long time on the tube

Swatch on hand
Lips nude
With brilliance. The lip pigment overlaps (if applied fatter), I do not like many layers on the lips, so it turns out more naturally

In general, I liked the sparkle, even very much Thank you all for your attention, your Natasha
P.S. ladybug did not suffer, was released immediately after filming  
Price: 1200 rub, no discount
Rating: 5
Duration of use: week

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