"Draw eyebrows, draw lips" or two more toys

I came across a couple of days ago for two funny things and, as usual, could not pass by.
I’ll tell you about an interesting set for eyebrows and a marker for lips.

1. WG Professional Eyebrow Kit
The set includes: Correcting shadows and wax, two brushes for them, a mirror, tweezers, gel. All this in a silicone pocket.
We take out, open:
Now about the colors:
The shades are warm, reddish (perhaps too much for me), despite the fact that in bright daylight they seem more ashen. At first I didn’t understand that the set contains shadows and colored wax. I thought it was just a mirror (I did not immediately look at the description). Nowhere on the package (outside) did I find anything about the color of shadows and wax, so if you buy, you will have to open the package. The consistency of the wax is quite solid, and the shadows are not very dense and not particularly pigmented. Color give is not very bright. This is good for me. By the way, all the tools smell like chemistry, but just a little bit. The gel almost does not smell.
Synthetic brushes are very successful. Small, hard, smooth. They are very convenient to draw, with such brushes it is easy to draw even a thin stroke or line.
The tweezers are not bad, but not very sharp (which is not a buzz), it will be difficult to pull out the stumps, but the thing is necessary in the set. I liked that the tweezers are hard and do not bend under the fingers. To remove overgrown hairs - ideal.
Gel with a good stiff brush, perfectly stacks and holds hairs.
Now I will show how to apply all this. My eyebrows are insanely tough, colorful, naughty, sometimes with bald spots, sometimes stick out in different directions and far from ideal. Here is the result.
Naked eyebrow:
She walked a little with tweezers, painted a little with shadows and wax, laid with a gel.
Here is the general picture, the right eyebrow (from you) did not touch:
In general, I was pleased with this kit. It is convenient to take with you, does not take up much space and everything is at hand. The perfect color match did not work, but not so bad (in principle). The thing is quite budget, cool and necessary. I will use, use and use until it ends or I find something better.
Rating: 5+
2. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Stain 640 In the Baff - lipstick marker
I took this lipstick purely out of curiosity. Although no, I'm lying. Also, because my lips are not very even (especially the upper one), I decided to try to hide it with a marker.
Bare lips:
The marker itself is bright, red-pink. It feels like drawing with a felt-tip pen on your lips. It is convenient for them to draw a contour. By consistency, it is similar to liquid pigment diluted with alcohol. There is no reflection in this photo, just several layers on the left, and one on the right.
By the way, if you apply several layers, the lips can begin to pinch (I think that because of alcoholic additives). But the lips do not dry out. The smell is sweet berry, pleasant, smells a little bit of alcohol through this very berry. Persistent color, which is logical, because it is absorbed into the skin and leaves a “pigmented spot”. Suitable for those who do not recognize any alien sensations on the lips (such as lipstick or gloss). The downside is that all colors are very bright (not all of them are worn every day, including me). This plaster can be used instead of red lipstick, although the color is pink. It does not stain perfectly perfectly, but the effect is interesting. I took the lightest and juiciest (in my opinion). Here's what happened:
In general, I liked this little thing. It is unlikely that I will buy something similar yet, but it was interesting to try.
Rating: 4 (for the fact that the little thing is not particularly functional, does not moisturize, and generally for an amateur).

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