My new favorites for Givenchy Gelee D'interdit and Guerlain Rouge Automatique lips

Hello, beauties!

I dedicate this post to my current lip favorites, namely Givenchy Gelee D'Interdit 2 Celestial Black and Guerlain Rouge Automatique 162 Bloom of Rose. Who cares, please ask with me

Perhaps I'll start with Givenchy Gelee D'Interdit lip gloss. For a very long time I searched for a non-sticky lip gloss and finally found it. My happiness knew no bounds when my dream finally came true. I want to tell you about my favorite
Full product name in English: Givenchy Gelee D'Interdit 2 Celestial Black Lip Gloss
The photo:

Swatch: In different lighting

And on the lips

Widespread Opinion: It is very pleasant to lie on the lips, not sticky, does not leave a feeling of dryness, but even on the contrary takes care of the lips, because it is declared as a shine-balm. I also thought that the color would be darker on the lips, but the sheen was translucent, giving a light grayish tint. It also contains spangles, but not very resistant, but when I need resistance I will choose another, and I decided to try this one because of the unusual color and nice texture. For me, the smell is quite pleasant, not chemical, it is not felt, but among the many advantages there is one minus - an uncomfortable brush. At first it was unusual, but after several applications it was adapted. Therefore, I can safely advise him to girls who can not stand (like me) sticky gloss.
Rating: 5 with a minus per brush
Full product name in English: lipstick Guerlain Rouge Automatique 162 Bloom of Rose
The photo:

And a couple of photos on the lips

Detailed opinion: Without hesitating what lipstick to buy, I went to the stand and began to test the shades for a long time. I liked the texture and the colors were pretty. This shade is pretty commonplace (although a similar color is just coming to an end), but because 161 did not turn out to take this and did not regret it. Someone wrote that "who loves not sticky lip glosses, then take a closer look," but I do not agree with this statement. In my opinion, this is not lip gloss, but lipstick! Making at a height, in principle, as always, is very light, so it’s always with me in my bag, and it doesn’t take up much space. It lays down evenly, does not dry the sponge, lasts 3-4 hours, but the most important plus is that it did not emphasize any of my peeling, maybe there were very few of them, but the fact remains. No sparkles and odor, nice texture, looks natural on the lips. After several hours of socks, it does not form a white strip, disappears evenly, leaving behind a kind of pleasant reminder in the form of color
Attached photo after 2.5 hours. You may notice that the fondant on the lips is still visible.
Rating: 5
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