Springtime Caudalie favorites

Hello beauties! Today I will tell you about my skin care, or rather, about Caudalie products that live in my bathroom. I met this brand recently, and have already managed to fall in love. Now I have 3 products of this brand
I'll start in stages
1) Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser - Cleansing Mousse.
Composition for understanding
Recently, I only wash him. Interesting little thing. The fragrance is light and unobtrusive, herbal. One click on the pump is enough for the whole face. He does the make-up removal by 5, he tones off the usual mascara without problems, doesn’t pinch his eyes and doesn’t dry his skin at all, which makes me very happy. After washing, the skin is very soft and pleasant to the touch. For the spring-summer season, this mousse has become a real find for me!
This is what the foam looks like
Testing period is month
Price-rubles 800, I do not remember exactly
Grade 5
2) Caudalie Organic Grape Water Bio - Grape Water Bio
This is the best water I've tried! It is perfectly sprayed onto the skin, in very small droplets. Fragrance ... Fairy tale ... Smells in my opinion, sun-dried grapes, very nice! Remarkably refreshing the skin, constantly use after a shower. It also has a calming and moisturizing effect. For me, a real find, I will buy again!
Testing period is month
Price-300 r approximately
Rating-5 +++
3) Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet - sorbet moisturizer
My opinion is a very nice cream for the hot season. It has a light consistency that melts on contact with skin. Absorbed instantly. Slaughter moistening is not worth the wait, the cream is very light. But it’s enough for me. Does not leave a film feeling, has an unobtrusive aroma. The skin after application is soft and delicate.
Testing period is 1 month.
Gift Price
Grade 5

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