Artdeco Lip Lacquer Reviews

I recently got hold of a new lip gloss.
It all started with the fact that when I was going about my business, I discovered that I had ended all (!!) lipsticks and shines (!!!!)! Can you imagine this at all ??!)))
Well, that was the reason!))
I ran to the store, where the girl talked about the new collection of lipsticks from Artdeco. Well, I could not pass by!

Wonderful color turned out to be! Such a summer peach-coral. Moreover, coral was poured there from the heart, we can say.)))
In general, it is written that this is a varnish lipstick with a glossy gloss. Well, I do not believe in the properties of lipstick in such shines, but how simple a glossy shine is - a thing that you need!
It really shines beautifully, lays very gently on the lips, a good soft sponge. And the color! I liked it the most!
Gloss surprisingly does not stick, it has a delicious vanilla aroma - I love such smells.)))
They say there is even some kind of filter in it.)))
But! There is a fly in the ointment from me.)))
I personally swim shine "for buoys", i.e. beyond the contour of the lips (not immediately of course, but still), and clogs up in the folds of the lips. Of course, you cannot immediately notice this with the naked eye, especially when you eat, say, smile, etc. But in the photo it is visible. Such garbage is in it. But, again, this is completely not critical for me, because I like the shine, it is light, shining, the color suits me and does not cost a lot of money.)))
Well, here he is:

And this is after tea drinking with a cake))))
Shot in the direct sun:
Pretty steady for shine, what do you think?
And here is the image as a whole, in order to evaluate the general view:

The line of these lipsticks has recently replenished with two colors: No. 24 and No. 22 (coral and peach). One of them I just submitted to your court.)))
Durability: 5
Duration of use: week
Rating: 5

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