Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Reviews

Good day to all! I want to talk about the bright scarlet lipstick Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick No. 720 Fire & Ice. I thought that every girl should have a bright red festive lipstick, read a million times that red suits everyone, the main thing is to choose a color. So, attempt number one.

I decided to look for my red in bulk, since the price of a mistake is very high in a suite.
My choice fell on the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick No. 720 Fire & Ice for the following reasons:
1. bright scarlet color
2. Super Lustrous in the translation "super brilliant", but I wanted a shiny lipstick without mother-of-pearl
3. positive attitude towards the Revlon brand
Detailed view:
I really liked the quality of the lipstick. It is applied easily, holds for a long time, evenly leaving the lips and leaving pigment. The pigment itself, by the way, also looks good. You can cover with a colorless shine, you get a new version of lipstick.
It is not necessary to use a pencil. In the photo, the lipstick is solo - in my opinion, it turned out beautifully, the contour is even. Lips lipstick does not moisturize and does not dry. It covers quite tight, even in cold weather it saved me. On the lips lies very nice. The texture is silky. The lipstick has no smell.
Let's look at lipstick in action.
In the sun:

Probably on the lower lip should be applied away?
What can I say - I am satisfied with the quality of the lipstick, a good indicator for the mass market. For daily use, of course, not suitable because of the brightness. As a festive option, for example, with a black dress, I will consider it, but in my opinion, I did not guess the color.
Girls, if someone came up with a color, advise, please. Which side of the red spectrum should I look at? Or do not watch at all)
Image as a whole:
Price: something about 300 p.
Rating: 4 (for the lack of moisture and for the fact that the color is not mine)
Test period: 2 months

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