Mint lollipop with varnish Rimmel Peppermint # 500

I want to tell you about my varnish new thing, namely about varnish Rimmel Lycra Pro in shade # 500 Peppermint

Detailed opinion:
The color of the varnish is amazing, summer, calm, and for some reason I have an association with peppermint candy.
Lacquer without a shimmer and a hint of it, pure gloss, without a top gives a beautiful glossy finish.
I am silent about Rimmel brushes, in my opinion they are perfect! The brush covers the entire nail once without any blunders. The varnish is dense, gives a non-streaking coating the first time.
Dries, relatively quickly, 20-25 minutes. It is worn for a long time, the manufacturer claims up to 10 days, if nothing is done, it is possible that way, but with household chores I carried it for 6 days in excellent condition! then already tired and the ends wiped.
Less words, more swatches:

Price: 170 r
Rating: 5+++
Hope it was interesting!
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