Flashback with Armani Acqua di Gioia

Sometimes I write you long letters
knowing that I will never take them to the post office.
This is the last letter.

I put a few photos into it and a drop of my favorite perfume.
I have little left for you - a memory, the only one for the rest of my life.
I store it in a small transparent bottle with the inscription
"Armani Acqua di Gioia"
Inhaling a fresh sensual aroma, I remember our short, happy summer ...
The aroma is weightless, intriguing, merges with the skin.
Memories pass through in tune with each note.
Smell is the best quintessence of memory.
Release Year: 2010
The idea of ​​creating Acqua di Gioia came to the designer while relaxing on the sea, where Giorgio enjoyed the sea and the unique nature. It was nature that became the basic concept of Acqua di Gioia. These spirits are called to show the modern strong and free woman in absolute harmony with nature. Perfume has a soft and passionate aroma at the same time, which will not leave anyone indifferent.
Perfumer: Loc Dong, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion
Initial notes: mint, lemon flowers, sea
Heart notes: pink pepper, jasmine sambac, peony
Final notes: cedar, labdanum, brown sugar
Price: 2300 rub.

The Mediterranean.
an island wrapped in a veil of a summer night.
it was Crete, where did Ariadne save Theseus?
or Ithaca, where Penelope, looking into the darkness with her black eyes,
in endless sadness was Odysseus waiting?
Lemon groves stretching at the base of gentle hills
remained captured on a tarnished memory picture.
Hiding from prying eyes, we dreamed of happiness there,
They lay back and for a long time peered into the black sky, like into a bottomless sea.
We regretted that the lunar path, rushing along the sea surface to heaven,
will never know that in all the oceans
she is so alone in the sky ...
Sugar white sand and a spray of laughter
warm breath on the cheek and the sweet taste of love -
I remember everything, and even more ...
You did not forget how the dawn died away at your feet, how quickly the nights flew by?
How affectionately did the melodies about freedom of the sea whisper?
Like the bitterness of mint dew glowing on the skin heated by the sun,
like a long touch all night?
In my hair you counted the jasmine petals that fell from the bushes - tangled like white wings of torn clouds,
and gave sweet-stupefying peonies, they bloomed
under the very windows of the tiled roof house.
It smelled of cedars and sugar syrup from the summer kitchen,
it smelled of fleeting happiness, the sun and the wind ...
I'll put aside the photo album
stare into the lonely darkness
enveloped a naked, without a hint of life room.
Was that yesterday or three thousand years ago? With me
or with that other -
a swarthy girl from numerous legends of ghostly happiness,
cast from the abyss of the sea in bad weather
ashore high where the ships
hoping to return to the harbor lay down?
I smile - I begin to speak in verse. what is it for?
I remember looking after you, but you never looked back.
So in the old days women escorted their beloved to distant wanderings,
and then found the wreckage of ships on the shore ...
A boat is waiting on the pier, it will take me to another life,
filled with new hopes and people.
I have to leave the island forever lost in an ocean of memories.
It's time to become free, flying and elusive, like a drop of perfume on your wrist.
yes it's time!
that all these were given to me, miles, borders and visas,
when was the soul born winged?
they are nothing in front of a woman stepping without looking back into a new life.
but you know, I’ll take a bottle of transparent greenish glass with me,
let the memory live in him
the memory of you and once your Anna ...

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