My gold! Soleil tan de Chanel Precious Bronzing Loose Powder - light bronzing powder

Good evening, beauties!
I want to show a very interesting product from Chanel!
Full name: Soleil tan de Chanel: poudre libre bronze visage et corps (bronzing loose powder).
This is a limited edition powder from the Chanel Summer 2009 Cote D'Azur collection.
I saw this interesting powder in the store back in 2010. I really liked her, but somehow I was in no hurry to buy it.
After 2 years, I saw this magic jar in Rive Gaucher. I was not at the stand, but in the magic box, where many products are stored that are not in the window, I saw my old dream. I grabbed it, paid ... brought it home, and completely forgot about it, removing it to the cosmetic shelf. Summer has come and now this light shiny powder is my favorite!

We look at her in action!
A very nice plastic washer.

Flat jar, but rather heavy.

Rear view and full product name.

In the open.

Very nice big and soft brush!

Small holes.

This is how the powder on the finger looks like under electric light.

On the brush

I apply only on the cheekbones, otherwise you can turn into something shiny

On the face.
Take a closer look.

On the face in natural light.

On the hand.

And I!…

In general, an absolutely optional item, but terribly pleasant! Holds all day and does not fall off below the cheekbones. The powder does not have any perfumed fragrance. It is intended not only for the face, but also for the body. Sometimes I put on the neckline or hands. Find it in stores really. In each Rive Gaucher we have another 2-3 such jars hidden
Price: 1900 rubles with a 25% discount.
Period of use: more than a month
Rating 5!

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