Maybelline Color Sensational / 150 tender rose / - Lipstick marker luxury color?

So I was interested in quick and lasting lip make-up with the Maybelline counter.
Beautician already had posts about this new product, but I still decided to share my opinion about this little thing.

Lipstick marker luxury color - Maybelline Color Sensational - 150 tender rose

On the off site, the manufacturer gives a rather dry description. From shopping I can say that only 5 shades out of 8 were noticed on sale, but it’s a pity ...
This “innovative miracle” looks like a regular marker with a pointed rod. Out of habit (from something I know the whole world through smells), when I open it, I sniff and smell the ripe raspberries. The smell remains for the first seconds when applied to the lips, until the pigment dries completely. With this smell, the lips just pull to lick, somehow quite instinctively in order to make sure that raspberries are not smeared on your lips.
And then the time will come first minus Marker - do not lick your lips, he immediately disappears from mine. Although in fact it has dried up. I put it on dry lips, therefore it is absorbed almost instantly. About his long life, applied to the balm I generally vaguely believe. The manufacturer is tactfully silent on the off site about endurance, but on the Internet it is mentioned up to 4 hours ... Maybe, but if you don’t eat, drink or lick your lips.

The pigment is applied with a felt, pointed applicator, which is very convenient to draw the contour of the lips.
And right there about second minus - you don’t have it when the pigment arrives at the applicator only if your marker was kept “head” (ie the Applicator) down, with standard horizontal storage in a travel cosmetic bag you will have to maintain it “upside down” for some time so that the pigment arrives at applicator.
"art" marker stored horizontally

The pigment is quite bright, although my shade is one of the most neutral. I think the midtones on the lips are generally faint. The marker does not dry my lips, but does not respect.

I can not mention one of his dignity - This is its affordable price, about 280 rubles without discounts. For me it turned out to be a useless toy, although I had hopes for him not to chase lip tints. This marker is not a tint at all, and do not even stand nearby.
Test period: I bought more than 3 weeks ago, but in fact it’s a pair of make-ups after which the hope of using it has completely melted.
P.S. Maybe I got a spoiled copy, but then I think it should fulfill at least one promise either to paint well or to be persistent ... Although it is possible it is a solid "chemistry" - and it is not at all persistent only on my lips ...
Be wonderful and have a great day!

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