Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Color Eyeshadow Palette Reviews

I want to talk about my favorite shadow palette from Christian Dior No. 734 Grege.

It was a spontaneous purchase, I had no idea about any Dior New Look Collection, once upon a time I had
The 5-color Dior palette, which disappointed me more than it pleased me, and I didn’t make more attempts to make friends with the 5 couleurs palette from Dior, but here I had a discount coupon and I had to “implement” it, I was hooked on the stand Dior, I was immediately fascinated by the conversation as a consultant girl, very competent and nice, with great makeup (it was in the Stockmann store, in the perfume and cosmetics department there are always competent consultants. IMHO), and recommended shadows from the new collection, because they are quite strict and not shiny, like most other 5-color palettes, but that’s exactly what I need.
I immediately felt confidence in the consultant girl, I realized that she would not advise bad things and bought shadows.
To this day, this consultant girl I remember only with kind words.
The shadows are just magnificent, although I can’t say that they are highly pigmented, but the shades are very noble, seasoned, for everyday makeup it’s an excellent option, if I had all my makeup stolen now, I would first buy this palette and stop on it, because Despite the fact that I have a lot of shadows, I mostly use this one when I do eye makeup.
According to the quality of the palette: the shadows are medium-pigmented, but nevertheless with a roll towards the well-pigmented, finely ground, they do not crumble, do not dust, they accumulate well on the brush, they also give well from the brush to the eyelid, they are excellent, they are medium firm, with a base all day.
I shade - the color of cocoa without milk, this is my favorite shade (like V) I use it for creasing.
II shade - light brown shadow, gives in red, very beautifully emphasizes gray and blue eyes
III shade - gray, satin shadow, there is nothing special to say about it, I rarely use it, because I do not like gray shades.
IV shade - a white mother-of-pearl shadow, very delicate, I use it “under the eyebrow” to highlight the corner of the eye.
V hue - something between light gray and white, also a very beautiful, satin hue, it looks very noble and elegant in the eyes.
All photos are taken under natural light!

Swatch on the skin:
On the back:

Rating: 5+++
Test period: since February 2012
Price: about 2000 tr with discount.
Thank you for attention!

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