Guerlain Meteorites Compact Pressed Powder Illuminating And Matifying Reviews

Hello dear beauty maniacs!
I continue to search for the best powder I have today - Guerlain Meteorites Compact
From the manufacturer in the catalog Beauticians
My opinion. The powder case is pretty, albeit plastic. But personally, it’s inconvenient for me to hold it in my hand - so small that it seems to slip out of my hands. The Puryur powder box in the hand is much more convenient (and the Puryur design is more impressive, the compact meteorite powder is more girlish, not for serious ladies)) The sponge is like a cloth for wiping a table - a terry cotton towel ((... It's good that sponge from YSL Poudre Compacte Radiance Matt & Radiant Pressed Powder powder fits perfectly into the Meteoriot powder box. (pictured is the “native” sponge)
I chose the lightest tone - No. Teint Rose
That's how it looks in daylight, the hue is reliably transmitted
The powder has a strong smell; it does not irritate me. The texture of the powder is much drier and denser pressed than Puryur. When applied with a sponge, the pores do not smooth out completely, on the contrary, it makes them more visible, some unnecessary “pearlescent” appears on the skin. This "pearlescent" skin does not decorate and is completely unlike the effect of Meteorite balls.
Nude leather
The powder is applied with a brush on a day cream. As you see, here they are: pore holes. The powder didn’t hide them ...
And if you use a sponge, the situation with the pores will be even worse ... Moreover, when using a sponge, the top of the powder began to grease (my sponge every day). Lightly tones the face, but does not hide the flaws absolutely. Matting for about 4 hours, this is a good result for me. It is also necessary to correct the powder with a brush, having previously wetted the skin. If the skin is not previously wet, then the powder will lie in a thick noticeable layer. It seemed to me that after a while the powder on the face darkens a little. I can’t say anything about underlining peeling - I don’t have them. The filter in this powder is not declared.
And so it looks on the foundation, applied with a brush. The situation is already better, but it is a merit rather foundation
To summarize, I can say that: powder does not make any “special effects” with the skin, in fact it is a powder-veil that will be good only for problem-free skin. Incidentally, I also wanted the powder veil for the summer. But she hoped for a slight smoothing of the pores and some masking of the flaws. And then it turns out that it is better not to use it without foundation ... Moreover, this powder is relatively expensive: the weight of the powder is only 7 g, if you calculate the cost of 1 gram, then the price is not cheap - 215 rubles. per gram (for comparison: Guerlain Parure - 180 rubles per gram, YSL Powdre Sur Mesure - 110 rubles per gram, Estee Lauder Double Matte Pressed Powder - 106 rubles per gram). In general, I use it, but I won’t buy it for the second time. Unfortunately, this powder rather disappointed me, although I love the Guerlain brand, there are a lot of Guerlain products in my cosmetic bag.
Price - about 1500 rubles
Rating - 4 with a big minus (there is no light filter, it does not hide flaws, emphasizes pores when applied with a sponge; of the pluses is a good matting)
Purchased at the Rive Gauche store.
Term of use - Week 1
I wish you all a summer mood and beauty!
Your alyona

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