Makeup gold + silver - to be or not to be?

Good evening, Beauties!
Having visited my favorite site today after working on all of us, I saw a very beautiful make-up by Ani, which I liked very much, especially since I had not tried such a combination before.
And so, given that the makeup caused some controversy among the girls, I decided to check everything on myself ... so to speak, do it myself, evaluate it myself and still ask you ... is such a combination of colors compatible? or is it bad taste?

Picture for collage from here
In general, I am calm about the combination of gold and silver ... but I know that many consider it a bad taste ... Well, let's see what happens.
Nude eyes
Further, since my allergy has set me on my eyelids - I put a base from Lumine and concealer from Missha under my eyes:
Next, we need silver and gold shades, I will take palettes from Bi-Kor No. 11 (there is gold) and No. 03 (there is silver).
Here are the two colors used on the fingers:
Apply a silver shadow from the inner corner to the middle of the century:
Next, apply a golden shadow from the middle of the century to the outer corner:

I slightly cover the inner corner with a matte white shadow and its same under the eyebrow, and add the black gel eyeliner from MAS:
Add mascara ... well, make-up is very easy to use and quick ... let's say express)
We look at what happened:

What can I say ... I really liked the makeup in such an unusual combination, it turned out to be festive, sparkling and very light.
Thank you Ana for the excellent advice, as for me.
And what do you girls think, is such a combination tasteless?
Thank you all girls for stopping by.
Kissing everyone ... your Olya!

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