China Glaze On Safari Collection Fall 2012. Lacquer Collection China Glaze Safari Fall 2012

Safari is a favorite theme of designers of all directions. And this fall, it will be more relevant than ever. We already looked at the Dior collection, which is filled with safari style and leopard prints, now we will admire the Safari Collection from China Glaze.

I really liked this collection. Gorgeous colors fully justify the name, calm, deep and expressive. The highlight of the collection is given by two glitter varnishes of golden shades - simply amazing sparkles from which you can not take your eyes off!
I have only two varnishes China Glaze)) it is urgent to replenish stocks - and the occasion presented itself as decent as it seems to me)

Well, now let's take a look at all this beauty with bias
China Glaze Kalahari Kiss

China Glaze Desert Sun

China Glaze I Herd That

China Glaze I'm Not Lion

China Glaze Adventure Red-y

China glaze man hunt

China Glaze Exotic Encounters

China glaze elephant walk

China Glaze Call of the Wild

China glaze jungle queen

China Glaze Prey Tell

China Glaze Purrfect Plum

So I liked all the colors so much that the first time I wanted to buy a collection completely, perhaps only the Jungle Queen did not touch me at all.
Very warm Desert Sun reminded me of the color of autumn foliage, it is so cozy and comfortable) It's just peerless red I fell in love! Gray liked his versatility - not at all a boring color, it will look very stylish on your hands. You don’t even have to talk about dark shades of burgundy - they are chic and period. And of course, glitters give room for imagination, if I Herd That looks like this in the photo, then how beautiful he is in life!
In general, my imagination was raging in earnest. Immediately in my head appeared clear images and images from the cruise collection Emilio Pucci 2013.
It seems to me that these collections of clothes and varnishes are simply created for each other - the colors are bright, languid, but not flashy and in no way vulgar. Just exactly as much as you need.
I'm just conquered by the Safari Collection, get ready my wallet - nothing will save you
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