My delicious scrub is Black Pearl. Scrub for you. Perfect skin

Good afternoon girls! I want to share my enthusiasm. girlfriend gave on March 8 a scrub for you Black pearls perfect skin - and did not lose.

Full product name: Black pearl. Scrub for you. Perfect skin. Tonic Vita-complex. Natural Exfoliating Bio Granules. Caffeine.
composition for those who understand and understand:

scrub color "coffee with milk", with small granules of dark brown color.
My opinion: scrub, chic, for the kind of money (and even more so as a gift) Fragrance ... girls - this is something! Anyone who loves the smell of coffee will definitely like it! you need to feel it. at my place there is a shower cabin that closes tightly. when I first opened this tube and started applying it to the body ... wow! the aroma is enchanting, bewitching, rich, coffee-chocolate-cappuccino flooded everything around. and even after taking a shower, the body smelled gently of a coffee maker. As for use, I put it on my whole body, are light with massage movements, I start to rub, drive circles and so on. I continue this procedure for about 5 minutes and rinse off with warm water. The scrub perfectly exfoliates dead skin particles, I also use it in my bikini area and on my legs (in order to prevent hair ingrowth) and it helps!
Result: The skin is soft, velvety and fragrant with coffee aroma ... and of course Aromatherapy, which undoubtedly raises the mood.
I spotted the price in online stores:: from about 100 to 200 rubles.
Rating : 5 and only 5.
Test period: about 4 months

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