Skinfood Ginseng Mask - mask with ginseng to improve complexion

Another replenishment in my care is a mask with ginseng powder to improve complexion. According to the manufacturer, it is able to transform even the dullest skin into radiant health, and restore a perfect complexion.
The mask comes in a cute glass jar, the volume is 100 ml.
Manufacturer application in English and Korean:
Its composition:
Under the lid there is a plastic membrane for reliability, so to speak. This is her interesting consistency, similar to semolina. The mask has a large number of soft grains, I don’t understand why they are needed, since they are useless as a scrub. Maybe for the sake of volume they were poured there ?! Or is it the same ginseng powder?

My opinion: Nice thing! Most of all I was struck by its aroma - this is the aroma of real ginseng, so herbal and natural. I recommend ginseng fans as aromatherapy. But I know that many people don’t like it, everything is individual. The gel mask is a little tight, it is well distributed on the skin, it is easily and quickly washed off. The volume of 100 ml, which can not but rejoice! Plus, she has a small expense. We apply on a cleansed face, wait 5-10 minutes, wash off.
Result: the skin is soft, smells like ginseng, the mask moisturizes well.
I use it with pleasure, but I did not see any specific results. I also can not say anything about the complexion, I did not notice any radical changes. Just a nice product
Price: about 15 dol
Test period: 1 month
Rating: 4

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