My moody but beloved Revlon varnishes

Since my youth, I fell in love with Revlon brand varnishes. I don’t know why ... I guess I was impressed by their pure colors, a pretty bottle, even the name)))
At the moment I have 4 shades of these varnishes. Here they are, handsome!

They all appeared at different times, but I use them regularly.

1. Revlon # 570 Vixen
Colour cherries or even rather cherries! Classic. Enamel, without shimmer and other frills, glossy finish. All my life I love these shades. If I doubt what color to paint my nails - I choose it! It is appropriate in any situation - whether it be work or leisure by the sea ...
Consistency quite fluid, loose. In 2 layers, the coating is quite tolerable, enough for me. Without bald spots. Narrow long brush. Not the most convenient of all the varnishes I know, but I have adapted to use it.
Durability unfortunately, low, like almost all Revlons. This is a minus, but they are. The catch is that they like to chip on the tips of the nails in the corners.

Rating 4-
(There are a lot of similar shades in other brands (including those in my collection), but passing the Revlon stand, I can not help but buy another handsome man)
Price about 250 rub.
2. Revlon # 270 Cherries In The Snow
Colour pink raspberry, very clean and bright. Without a shimmer, just enamel, the finish gloss is weak - the top is required, otherwise it looks dull. I can wear it both in summer and in the cold season. Beautiful and feminine!
Consistency a little thicker and creamier. Even one layer fits well, but I prefer two. A brush similar to the previous brother.
Durability slightly better than cherry revlon. But sometimes he lives his own life - it can last a day and a half, or maybe all 3-4 ...

Rating 4
Price about 250 rub
3. Revlon # 042 Sunshine Sparkle
This is my favorite! I saw him in the winter and bought for the summer!
Colour I conquered immediately! As delicate as the spring sun ... A light, “diluted” yellow hue is wonderful for the summer, at sea ... A fine silver shimmer, the finish is not glossy, so a top is required!
Consistency also liquid, but due to the shimmer thickens faster, unlike counterparts. It is applied terribly hard! The first layer is your own horror! Scarves, transparency ... But 2 thick layers are enough for me, although I know that many are applied in 3 and 4 layers ...
Durability average. Often it also sins by chipping corners. But I forgive him for that too!))

Rating 5-
Despite all its shortcomings, I dearly love him and forgive all sins!))
Price about 250 rub
4. Revlon # 028 Minted
Colour fashionable now “mint” Although I think that mint looks different, but God bless him ... Of the tried similar shades, it was Revlon who was my favorite, because he is the most tender.
Consistency medium cream. It lays in a rather thick layer. Bald spots form, the second layer saves the matter. But then again, comparing with the analogues of this shade in other brands, I can responsibly declare that not one has gone better ...
Durability small. But it doesn’t break off in a day, like many Revlons.

Rating 4-
Price about 250 rub.
Conclusion: despite the many shortcomings of the Revlonchikov and the oversupply of the market for better varnishes, I still buy a few more beauties, because youthful love is forever!
I hope you did not get bored! Thanks for attention!

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