My recent purchases! Review of three products that will help in good makeup

Hello everyone, beauties! Today I will tell you about 3 products recently bought and loved by me:
1. Maybelline Affinitone 24 h No. 21 - Persistent foundation Perfect tone 24 hours (honey beige)
2. Beyu eye base - Cream base for the skin around the eyes
3. Givenchy Luminescent Cream Eyeshadow # 2 Pearly Nude - Shiny cream eyeshadow # 2 Pearl beige (this season's limit) - Super hero (my love)

Little background: Recently, I fell in love with wonderful new shadows from Givenchy from the first sight. And I decided to pick up an excellent base for them! Prior to this, she acquired Maybelline Affinitone 24 h No. 21, and after Beyu Eye Base. I’ll tell you about each product separately and at the end - a combination together!
Photo Tones and Base: 1. Maybelline Affinitone 24 h No. 21 - Persistent foundation Perfect tone 24 hours (honey beige)
Swatch (on dry skin of the hands a little noticeable, but on the face looks good):

Without tone (only for centuries a little bright corrector):
My general view with tone (without powder - shine from the flash):
Feedback: Perfect tone for combi or oily skin. It doesn’t clog my pores and black dots mask well (as well as light redness). It lays down well, but you need to do it quickly. If there is peeling, then he will emphasize them, so it’s not for cold time, if you have normal or dry skin. It keeps in the heat in different ways: sometimes 4 hours, sometimes 5-6 without dusting - it depends on external factors and the location of my location. But if powdery - it will hold for another 3-4 hours without shine (Givenchy Prismatic Matt powder or Matting napkins from Shiseido). As a base for shadows (the manufacturer claims this) before, it suited me. But some sometimes rolled on it. So it is with the new Givenchy shadows - about them later in the post
Price: approx. 430 rub.
Rating: 5 tone (for summer), 3 base under the shade (for cream it will not work, and sometimes kept some dry ones).
2. Beyu eye base - Cream base for the skin around the eyes
Photo base at the top!
Feedback: A wonderful base for me and budget yet! I read a lot of good and bad reviews, but she came up to me perfectly. Dry shadows with poor pigmentation or good holds with a bang. Shadows do not crumble, do not become greasy, do not roll. At the same time, the eyelid is very moisturized, but does not fade with shadows. Feathering is easier, but you need to catch it before the base is completely absorbed - this is a small nuance. There is no smell (although the tester in Rg smelled terrible) The color is actually neutral. So, here is a beauty with a silk texture:

Price: approx. 230 rub.
Rating: five! (I will buy more and more)
3. Givenchy Luminescent Cream Eyeshadow # 2 Pearly Nude - Shiny Creamy Eyeshadow # 2 Pearl Beige
It was problematic for me to find this season’s limit even in Moscow in major Letuals and RG: either they didn’t deliver it yet, or they bought it up.
Feedback: Attractive jar - this is the first impression! I knew that these shadows were moody, but I fell in love with them at first sight and decided to tame them at all costs! A light shade, unusual sparkles are what you need. But No. 1 didn’t suit me (the eye with them is red and sick) and for a long time I was looking for this beige No. 2 and the searches were successful! The color is pleasant, almost merging with the skin tone, but for me it is a wonderful shade, because my eyes have very thin, delicate skin (wreaths are very visible, etc.). The texture is loose, not liquid, so you won’t immediately understand what it is! It was a little flake in the tester, but in reality it was creamy, problematic in application due to the large shimmer. But I got used to them! The main problem is that they roll terribly, do not hold at all. So, as the base for them, I used the above 2 products - Maybellin tone and Bouy's Base.
Compare shadows with bases (they don’t hold without a base at all - there’s no sense in the photo!):
2 times I tested these shadows of Givenchy already with the mabellin tone applied (above). The shadows held well, but after 5 hours they flew around and rolled down, and the second time they lay like nailed ones. So I decided to compare the houses of Tonal Maybellin and Bazou Buie under these shadows. Who can stand it?
My eyes nude:
With Tonal and Base (art. Light). It can be seen that the tone lies better, evens out the color of the eyelid.
The same in daylight:
Apply a little bit of the shade with your finger or brush / applicator. I applied them with my little finger for it’s more convenient, another time with a brush. There is almost no smell. The shimmer is large. Here you can see:
On the hand without shading and without base (daylight):
Now shading with your finger a bit: 1 - no base, 2 - Maybellin tonal, 3 - Buoy Base.
As you can see, the color is almost elusive, natural beige, sparkles are hard to catch in front of your eyes, but here you can see how they “play”. By consistency, I repeat - capricious
Now, immediately after applying a shadow to each of the bases (daylight). There is almost no difference:

After 10 minutes (art. Light and daytime). There is a little bit of shadow on the right - at Buey Base, but these are my hook handles, at other times it was neater:

Shadows with tonal from Maybellin betrayed me again, and very clearly. Upset once and for all:
Now after 8 hours photo. Know comment - there is a clear winner - Buoy base.
I applied the same shadows to the base from Buoy on my graduation in the university, they lasted just as wonderful (like 8 hours in the photo above), but from 10 in the morning until 2.30 at night! Not one glitter flew away and rolled, the eyelid was not dried, but it was not given fat. Super durability! tamed my beloved Givenchy!
Now common bows:
Here you can see light overflows of sparkles, and also these shadows give a natural color to the eyelid, aligning it with the base:
At the end of the day (there is no better photo, alas, but it can be seen that the shadows did not roll. By the way, the tone on Maybellin’s face also behaves well):
Rating Shadows of Givenchy: 5 (along with Buoy base). Without her - 2.
Price: approx. 1,500 rub
Thank you for reading to the end! I am Lisa, to me on "you"

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