Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer Reviews

Good afternoon, beauticians! I want to show you today the jelly handsome from the new summer collection Dior Summer Mix Collection.
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So, we will talk about Dior Vernis # 158 Calypso
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To be honest, for a long timeoo did not buy lacquers of luxury brands. I didn’t even look in their direction. But this handsome got my attention. In the bottle, he is an exact copy of the lip gloss from the same collection of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Glow # 854 Red Cruise. Post about it Link I wrote recently. In real life, they have nothing in common. But this was not a prerequisite for the purchase. The varnish has a jelly translucent texture, without a shimmer. In the first layer it is transparent, but it lays well. The second layer completely changes the situation and we see a glossy, even shining coating. On the official website, it is declared as varnish-gloss. Its color is red with an orange undertone, although on the website it is defined as garnet red. Well, perhaps this is so. After all, there are different grenades. All its unusualness and charm in its jelly, IMHO. I love jelly varnishes. They look fresh and juicy on the nails! And this adds to me a carefree positive summer mood. I find it difficult to assess the durability of this varnish. I wear all varnishes with a top from ORLY for no more than 3 days (then just change). I can say with confidence, therefore, that all these three days the varnish withstood dignity. And this despite the fact that I was actively engaged in all kinds of household chores. Let's see the swatch

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