YSL Rouge Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance Reviews

The photo:

Detailed opinion:
Heavy metal, high quality case. Design - up to perfection, elegance and taste, it does not get better. It’s a pleasure to get her purse from her purse, it’s even a shame that she is so persistent. Such lipstick will not go unnoticed. There is one drawback - over time, the gold pigment is slightly erased.

Before this lipstick, I had no idea what a real nude is! My previous lipsticks are tonal colors. And I like them. But they do not look quite natural. Rose Carnation is a pink nude. It looks 100% natural on the lips, with a pink tint, but not too pink. For me, this is the ideal ratio of beige and pink on the lips, which allows you to use any shades of shadows. Lipstick has a playful, delicate mother of pearl.

On the lips in daylight, overcast:

Lipstick glides pleasantly on the lips, gives a damp matte finish. Lies evenly, does not spread. Absolutely does not need a pencil, as the contour holds. Fondant is absolutely not sticky, leaves no residue when kissed.
On the lips under electric light with flash:

The smell is such that I feel dizzy, although those who do not like the smell of roses may not like it. I like it even more than Gerlenovsky.
Caring properties
At first, a moisturizing texture appears, later it can dry out a bit if your lips are problematic. I'm on the lips with her quite comfortable. On the condition of the lips is not negatively reflected.
Lipstick is very persistent, it remains even after eating!! So those who dream of a lasting lipstick for long negotiations is YSL Rouge Pur Couture n ° 11 Rose Carnation! This lipstick will never let you down! You will not be afraid of a white strip, of uneven application, of the condition of the lips after eating. Do you understand what freedom ISL gives you ??! In this case, it is easily erased from the lips even by hand, only a small shimer remains on the lips.
After meal:

Today on the face, without makeup, only lipstick:

In Smoky Ice Makeup:

Total Bow:

Lastly, my YSL Rouge Pur Couture mini collection:

Are there any downsides to this lipstick? - Yes! the fact that she does not have my name! By the way, I saw in delicatehummingbird such lipstick with her name on the case in red, they sent her a gift).
Price: 24 euros in duty free or 400UAH in the network "Brocard".
Rating: 5++++
Test period: few weeks.
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