Today I will show three varnishes that have recently appeared with me, but have already managed to be tested several times)

Post Heroes:

Subastus Manicure Minerale Pastel # 113

The varnish is milky in color, has a translucent jelly texture and necessarily requires a white base. It independently looks on my nails translucent and in 5 layers. It doesn’t dry too fast; I’m sure to put it dry. It has a decent stability, easy to wear. The nails do not stain, but light varnishes do not sin this. The smell is slightly sharper than that of some others, but bearable.
A barely noticeable silver shimmer and translucency give the shade a tenderness. But this same translucency turns into baldness, I could not make an acceptable manicure without a ridgefiller.
Already managed to make them up 3 times) Despite decent difficulties in applying, I really like this color. Nice and suitable for many summer things.

Let's move on to swatch

Price: 250 rub
Rating: 4 +

Rimmel Lycra Pro 352 Posh Spice

I spotted this shade in Ani Bambinina in her lacquer calendar for May. Anya, thank you! It is unlikely that he would be on the list of nearby purchases without a tip.
Wonderful cream and jelly varnish, it fits well in two layers, dries quickly, has a beautiful gloss! I made friends with the Rimmel brush, there is practically no flaw, it’s easy and pleasant to paint. The smell is expressed a little, I do not even feel it. Holds without a top for two days, with a top already 3. It is erased easily, does not stain the nail plate.
The color turns red-pink, saturation and hue change at different temperatures of light.
Next to pink:

Very bright sun:

Price: 160 rub
Rating: 5 +

OPI Nail Polish Dutch'ya Just Love Opi? NL H55

Representative of the Dutch collection O.P.I. In the two shopping centers closest to me, finally there were stands with a good choice of this brand, now you can buy simply and with pleasure) The first thing I took was this handsome one, I am always partial to violets.
Dark purple cream interspersed with golden and pink sparkles. It perfectly fits in 2 layers, dries quickly, does not bubble. The brush is quite comfortable, but has not yet completely settled down. Holds for 3-4 days, chips off at the tips. It is washed off easily, does not stain the nail plate.
Own shine seemed insufficient and I cover the top inm. Otherwise, it is impeccable)
Color is a separate story. I haven’t looked at my nails for a long time) I would say that he is both summer and autumn at the same time. Golden shimmer gives warmth, varnish is combined with tan. But in the fall he will use

Let's move on to swatch

Price: 450 rub
Rating: 5 +
Thanks for attention)

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