Lipstick Essence No. 49. Like a lady

Today let's talk about Essence budget lipstick. I ask for a cat :)
Detailed opinion: Plastic packaging with brand logo. The lipstick itself smells of subtle fruit caramels, but the smell disappears on the lips. The density of the coating is average, it does not clog into folds, does not roll, the color gradually decreases over time. Lipstick does not dry lips, however, and hydration is also not worth the wait. Color varies from translucent to saturated and dense, it can be layered. Lipstick gives a wet finish. In the sun, you can also see cold blue spangles recessed in pink, but this is not noticeable in the stick. Persistence for me personally is good, lasts 3-4 hours.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):

Nude lips:
In the shadow:
Swatch on hand:
Full image:

Price: about 100r.
Test period: 1 month.
Thank you for your attention, I'm Katya

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