Makeup book review Lepier Studio Makeup Lesson Book

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Today, the post will be about the book "Make up. Book of lessons on makeup from the studio LePier."
Those who are fond of makeup, sooner or later have a lot of books ... So I have. There are many books that describe well only one or several topics, but with a step-by-step guide and makeup examples for every day, most books are tense.
Who are interested, please cut!

This book appeared not by chance, she studied at courses and the teacher brought this book. Did makeup courses using her. And I wanted to get this book.
The biggest problem is that the book cannot be purchased in Latvia, it turned out to not be available for sale and had to be ordered from the manufacturer's website. It’s good that my father went to Russia, so there were no delivery problems.
At the beginning of the book a little is written about modeling and correction of the shape of eyebrows and lips.

And then 50 different images are presented, divided into the following sections:
Classic - classic makeup, with an emphasis on either the lips or the eyes;
Natural - neutral daily makeup for every day
Style - makeup for photo shoots, with brightly highlighted eyes
Color - colorful bright makeup options
Evening - classic evening makeup options
Stars well, and as usual at the end of the book are images of celebrities like Merlin Monroe
Each make-up includes a step-by-step guide in the form of tips for creating an image, as well as a step-by-step photo lesson.
A book with a bias on makeup, it does not contain a description of care products and a description of what every woman should have in a cosmetic bag. Very colorful, which is nice not only to look through, but also try to recreate beautiful makeup. What I liked the most was the fact that the book doesn’t have any schemes, but a photo of each makeup step. A book has one drawback and one advantage at the same time - format (size). The disadvantage is a book of the size of sheet A3, I never found a shelf for it, lies on a chair next to the table where I do makeup. Dignity - because it contains detailed large quality photos.
Price: 780 rubles + delivery 300 rubles
Volume: 120 p.
Rating: 5

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