2 new mini bottles from Eveline

2 new varnishes that have expanded my collection are representatives of Eveline: soft pink almost transparent 274 and dark gray “asphalt” holographic 470.
In general, the names of the series in which these varnishes are released speak for themselves and give them the best characteristics - "Pastel color" and "Party color", respectively.
Let's start with pink Eveline 274 - a delicate pastel color (and in 1-2 layers and the lack thereof), a little leaving in a warm peach interspersed with a silver-pink shimmer - what you need to create a gentle, sophisticated manicure.
It is applied easily, dries quickly, to obtain a more saturated shade you need a white base or 3-4 layers of varnish. Has its own good gloss. Resistance up to 3-4 days without a top.
Ideal for French, because translucent, but slightly smooths out the roughness of the white strip (if they are, of course;)) ...
It can be used as a top.
Nails (3 layers without base and top)

The second newcomer to Eveline 470 is the dark gray (in the bottle and even more so black) holographic.
The coating is also translucent, in my photos the varnish is applied in 3 layers and on the tips of the nails in the sun it can still shine through. On a black lacquer substrate will have the necessary depth and color (although I like it that way;)).
It lays down completely hassle-free, does not strip, dries quickly.
In the shade it looks like an ordinary “asphalt” gray varnish, it shimmers in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow and looks very bright and elegant (well, like all holographics).
Let's look at it closer in the bottle and on the nails

Evaluation of both varnishes - 4 (expected a bit more saturated colors)
Price - 60 rubles. per mini bottle

Watch the video: 3 COLOR MYSTERY SLIME CHALLENGE (February 2020).