KeraSys Repairing Shampoo Reviews

KeraSys Repairing Shampoo and Rinse restoring shampoo and conditioner for hair damaged by hair dyeing and drying

Hello beauties! Today I will tell you about my impressions of Korean hair products, shampoo and conditioner brand "Kerasys"!
I'll start with the air conditioner

KeraSys Repairing Rinse Hair Conditioner

Detailed opinion: I really liked the conditioner, I have long hair and usually I put it on the ends of the hair, because they are overdried and very confused, after use the tips became more lively, soft, do not split, the air conditioner is easily washed off, of a pleasant consistency, very light, there is no feeling of "oiliness", a convenient bottle with a dispenser, in general, some pluses! I have been using it for 3 months, I will definitely buy more!
Swatch: Composition:Price: 340 rubles
Test period: 3 months
Rating: 5+++

KeraSys Repairing Shampoo Shampoo

Detailed opinion: Unlike the conditioner, I didn’t like the shampoo, it’s very liquid and foams badly, it rinses my hair the third time, after drying (I don’t use a hair dryer) there is no volume, my hair is clean but sleek, it looks “in any way”, the smell of both means the taste is harsh, sweet-flowery and heavy, I got used to the air conditioner, and disappears quickly after washing. The only plus is a bottle with a dispenser.

Price: 340 rubles
Test period: Used several times, did not fit.
Rating: 3-

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