Clinique's Gift - A Facial Care Kit

Good afternoon, dear readers Beauticians!
Today I will tell you about my impressions of Clinique facial skin care products.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild

Texture: clear gel.
Fragrance: The smell is sour, it reminds me of either cranberries or lingonberries.
- it foams well, you need a small drop of the product to cleanse the skin of the face;
- cleans the skin from makeup completely (even mascara rinses off);
- cleanses the skin to creak, especially when you wash your face in the morning;
- It can dry, but it dries up inflammation.
In general, I liked the soap: pleasant smell, economical consumption, effective. Maybe buy for the summer.
15 ml jars were enough for 2 weeks of daily washing (morning and evening).
Rating: 5- (for drying the skin).
The cost of the full version: 750 p. for 200 ml.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Texture: Gently pink cream gel with a clear silicone content.
Fragrance: almost odorless. If you sniff hard, you can feel a sour aroma, similar to the above soap.
- moisture is not felt, on the contrary, the skin is dull after application;
- easy to apply and spread;
- does not slip when applying makeup;
- did not cause inflammation;
- in the heat can clog pores.
I spent the jar for 2.5 weeks of daily use (as a daily cream). At night I applied Effaclar K (La Roche-Posay).
Rating: 3 (moisturizing effect - 0, but how the base for makeup will go).
The cost of the full version: 499 p. per 30 ml.

Clinique All About Eyes

Texture: liquid cream with a yellowish tint. It’s oily to the touch, but the skin after the cream is absorbed is dry (silky to the touch).

Fragrance: as with the previous cream - with sourness.
- does not moisturize the skin;
- It seems that here too, silicones could not have done;
- clearly has no cumulative effect;
There is nothing more to say about him; he did not make an impression.
In the jar (after a month) another half of the funds. But I don’t really want to use it anymore.
Rating: 3-.
The cost of the full version: 1750 p. for 15 ml.
I managed to try all these tools, because My favorite store made a present - a set with creams, soap for washing, mascara and tiny powder (I will talk about the last two remedies in the following posts).
They were in such a jar:

I am glad that I was able to try Clinique care products and save money, because I’ll hardly buy full versions.
Regards, Kate