Maybelline Color Sensational Pop Sticks 020 Tropical Pink

Yielding to general insanity on this balm, like a true cosmetic addict, she ran to buy it.
Who cares what happened next, I ask for a cut)

Detailed opinion: having read reviews of this wonderful thing, I ran to look for it in all the cosmetic shops of the city. But, as it turned out, this is a very difficult task ... When I took this transparent delicious stick in hand, I realized that I was not in vain looking for: 3
My shade of this fondant is 020 Tropical Pink - doll-Barbie pink. When applied to the lips, it looks just like a hygienic lipstick, the colors of which can not be distinguished at all, but when it shrinks a little and pigment appears, the lips become bright and well-groomed as if.
It smells fondant of something light and unobtrusive. reminds me of berry compote.
To get a bright color on your lips, you need to thoroughly stick a lip around your lips, but ... this is a very, very pleasant experience with such a pretty girl.
Persistence in its original form does not last long, after about half an hour the wet shine disappears and only pink pigment remains.
My lips dry out a bit after the gloss disappears, but it is possible that this is just my feature.

Nude lips:
With lipstick:

40 minutes after application:
Price: 250 rubles
Test period: a week
Rating: 5- (for some dryness after application)
I am Masha, I hope my review is useful to you)

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