Kat Von D Shade Shifters Eye Shadow - On the Road

Hello, beauties! I present to your attention a novelty from Kat Von Dee - color-changing shadows.

Probably, the name of the great and terrible Kat Von Dee does not say anything to many, so I will introduce her first :)

Katerina Von Drachenberg is an American tattoo artist, model and flashes on TV all the time. At the peak of her popularity, she decided to bargain with cosmetics sold in Sephora. The cosmetics are very bright, as is Kat herself, especially her palette of shadows. In quality, I would compare them with Urban Decay shadows, and in price they are slightly lower.

And now let's move on to the novelty :) Shade Shifters are duochrome shadows that offer to be applied with a damp sponge to enhance the effect. Shadows are available in 4 colors - brown, bronze, burgundy and blue.
An ordinary plastic box with a window in the lid. Inside there is a mirror and a sponge.
I am a lover of brown gamma in my eyes, and took a shade of On the Road. He, in my opinion, turned out to be the most pronounced duochrome. Gold-bronze is also bright and pronounced, but I do not like gold in front of my eyes.
The sponge is large and comfortable, it can cover the entire moving eyelid in one motion.
In the brown mass visible greenish particles, very small, no rough sparkles.

Detailed opinion: I really like the shadows, they added a highlight to my favorite brown palette - a greenish tint. Shadows are very self-contained - using their solos they do not look flat and simple at all. They do not slip, sometimes I wear them without a base, they do not affect my durability. When applied with a dry sponge or brush, the color is delicate, and when wet applied, depending on the angle of view and lighting, the shadows reveal their brightness and originality. Layering increases the effect. See for yourself :)
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
Dry sponge applied:

And wet:

And now in a simple make-up: the moving eyelid is painted with a damp sponge, the edges are shaded with a dry brush. There are no substrates and bases.

Price: $19.00
Test period: a week
Here's a new one :) Of course, the idea is not new. But here at an adequate price this idea was implemented in a nice and convenient form for use. Hope you enjoyed it too!
Mercy for attention ...

Watch the video: EYES - kat von d - shade shifter eyeshadow - on the road (February 2020).