Nuxe Toning Lotion With Rose Petals Reviews

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Today I hasten to share with you my impressions of 3 new products in my care from NUXE from their new Rose Petals series.
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My skin is oily and quite sensitive, problematic. Therefore, I approach the choice of care very carefully and with all responsibility.
The paradox of oily skin is that on the one hand it produces a lot of fat and thereby protects the skin from harmful factors, helping it to stay hydrated and young. But on the other hand, this abundant release of fat clogs the pores, causing inflammation and acne. Therefore, many of us begin to wash ourselves abundantly and use aggressive agents containing alcohol, etc., which ultimately leads to the completely opposite effect. We try to dry it, and on this skin begins to produce even more fat. Thus, we provoke it to more and more inflammation, plus dehydration. If at first it seems to us that this approach helps us, then in the long run we make the skin worse.
In addition, more than 70% of owners of oily skin, to all of the above problems, it is also sensitive. Therefore, oily skin care should be selected very well. The main thing is to cleanse the skin of dead cells and copious fat, but without disturbing the balance of the lipid layer. This is the whole difficulty and mistake of many girls when choosing oily skin care products.
For myself, I quite a long time ago deduced the golden rule, as for face skin care products, no alcohol and aggressive components! The product should clean well, but be delicate. After cleansing, the skin must be calmed with lotion and do not forget about hydration. And do not forget about deeper cleansing with the help of peels and masks.
So this time, guided by my golden rule, I picked up 3 products that, according to the manufacturer, like and not all are designed for oily skin, but due to the fact that they meet all my requirements, they fit me perfectly. And now about each of them in more detail.
Nuxe Micellar Foam Cleanser with Rose Petals - Cleansing micellar foam with rose sculptures for normal and combination sensitive face skin.

Bottle - a plastic container with a volume of 150 ml with a convenient dispenser. When you press the dispenser, you get the finished foam, which must be applied to a damp face. The foam is so gentle and pleasant that a simple wash turns into a true pleasure. I always remove makeup with micellar water, and then wash my face, but for the sake of experiment I tried to wash off the makeup with foam. Foam rinses off all makeup without a trace (I don’t know how waterproof cosmetics, since I don’t use it). It does not cause any discomfort, does not irritate the skin, does not tighten. After washing, the skin is clean, smooth, fresh. The foam has a very pleasant smell, it smells of roses, and a very distinct aroma. People sensitive to perfumes and fragrances may not like it. Foam consumption is very economical - just one click on the dispenser is enough for the whole face and neck. The product is really delicate, but it does its job well and is great for oily skin.

Volume: 150ml
Expiration date: 12 months
Country of manufacture: France
Rating: 5+
Period of use: a little more than 1 month
Price: about 15 euros
Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion with Rose Petals - Gentle toning lotion with rose sculptures for normal and dry sensitive skin of the face and eyes

Here's the odd thing about bad luck: it seems the lotion is designed for dry and normal skin, but looking at the composition, I realized that it would be ideal for mine. The composition has witch hazel, and it is known to be ideal for problem skin. Still glad that glycerin does not flaunt at 2-3 positions. I took it at my own peril and risk and did not fail. Usually, lotions for dry skin sin sticky, but not this one. It is absolutely not sticky, it does not create a film on the face either. Perfectly completes the procedure of cleansing and make-up removal: soothes, refreshes and prepares the skin for further procedures. In very hot weather, moisturizing with only lotion is enough for me, but usually I still feel that the skin needs moisturizing (cream). Therefore, vague doubts torment me: is it good for dry skin? But for my oily skin, everything I expect from a lotion is in it. Also quite economical to use. I unscrewed the spray bottle from the used lotion that ideally fit this bottle and spray it directly on my face, I like it more. The smell of it, like that of the foam, is very pronounced, of rose petals. I personally come from a state of some kind of relaxation, so now every washing is for me a SPA procedure

Volume: 200ml
Expiration date: 6 months
Country of manufacture: France
Rating: 5
Period of use: a little more than 1 month
Price: about 15 euros
Nuxe Clarifying Cream-Mask with Rose Petals - Gentle cleansing cream mask with sculpted roses for sensitive skin of the face and neck

To begin with, the volume of the mask is 50 ml and the mask is in a glass jar (which cream is usually poured). To be honest, this fact a little upset. When buying, I did not pay attention to the volume, and the box was 2 times larger than the jar. The manufacturer suggests applying the mask with a thick, plentiful layer on the entire skin of the face and neck. But with this approach and given its volume, there will not be enough masks for a long time. The manufacturer indicates that this product is designed for sensitive skin. If I had not read in the instructions for use what is suitable for cleansing oily skin, I would not have taken it. Why? Because, the consistency for the cleansing mask is rather strange - cream. I’m used to cleaning masks with a few other textures. But with all this, the manufacturer did not deceive, declaring it as a deeply cleansing mask. She really does her job well. After use, the skin is clean, soft and smooth. To say that I am delighted with her? No, but the product is decent and good. I apply the mask with a thin layer, since I can’t imagine how such a texture can be applied tightly, I hold it for 10-15 minutes, then wash it off. What I like about her is that the mask is washed off quite easily and quickly. I use 2 times a week, sometimes 1 time and alternate with other masks. In general, I am satisfied with the result. The smell of the mask is also quite pleasant, but not as pronounced as the foam and lotion.

Volume: 50ml
Expiration date: 6 months
Country of manufacture: France
Score: 5 (I will not reduce the score for volume and uneconomical, as she still copes with her main tasks)
Period of use: a little more than 1 month
Price: about 20 euros
Now I had a desire to try also micellar water from the same series. Of course I will try something new, but probably still I will return to foam and tonic more than once. Or at least I will look for means like these.
Girls, and finally about the reason for buying these funds. About 2 months ago, something completely incomprehensible happened to me. My face began to be covered with acne, inflammation began to appear. This period coincided with the fact that I got new care and plus there were health problems. Since I did not know what it was from, I was afraid to use new tools and switched to the usual care. But from him I felt no better no worse. Therefore, I purchased these 3 products and now, a month later, my skin looks much better. I don’t know, maybe this is a coincidence, or maybe the NUXE products have helped so well, but today my skin feels almost perfect (considering the type of skin and the problems associated with it).
Here is my skin 2 months ago
And this is what we have today (or rather, a week ago, there is nothing other than adjusted eyebrows on the face)

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