Givenchy Gelée d'Interdit Smoothing Gloss Balm Crystal Shine Reviews

Pleasure happened to me, they gave me a set of probes:
Anyone who is interested. I invite to discuss

Detailed opinion:
Samples of 4 shine were handed to me in the store as gifts for the purchase, for which many thanks, rarely such a charm comes across, and more and more all kinds of nonsense like napkins, sharpeners, mittens, etc. I diligently painted each tone 2 times on my lips, so there is still more than half left in each container. And the brush is the same as in the glosses of the full versions, it is easy for her to apply the gloss, but the pile is still long, would be shorter, it would be better to apply the gloss.
I have the gloss of the full version of black, so I am familiar with the quality of these glosses.
Smell these four colors have the same, characteristic fondant, pleasant, does not last long
Lip behavior in all the shines there are quite large sparkles, but they are not felt on the lips. During wear, they stray slightly to the folds of the lips, but the part remains in place, especially this phenomenon does not strike the eye, but it does have a place to be. For the creases of the lips, all the gloss does not creep out, do not slide into a strip.
Stickiness shine has a jelly structure, from this less sticky.
Durability minimum, 2 hours of force, if you do not expose the lips to any action
Care there is a good one, lips are pleasant and easy
- 06 Frozen Rose. In my opinion the most interesting.

- 10 Icy Peach. There is a peach haze on the lips, but not the color.

- 11 Sparkling Petal. Nothing special here, in my opinion ...

- 07 Blooming Pink. And this is the most colored of 4.

Price: free, gift for purchase
Test period: 1 week
Thank you for your attention, really looking forward to comments on shades