Indian Summer with Aurelia Professional No. 401

This miracle came to my cosmetic bag by accident. Walking after work, I went to the store in search of shadows. I didn’t like any shadows, but in the next window I saw him, the brightest of all the presented copies. She asked to take a closer look - the overflow struck me so much that she could not leave him on the shelf.

This varnish is my first acquaintance with Aurelia. As soon as she got home, she immediately began to paint her nails. The varnish is liquid, but does not flow beyond the nail, does not bald. Already in 1 layer gives a pretty good coverage. On the 2nd layer, brightness and color saturation appear. The varnish behind the brush does not slip. It dries very quickly. Literally an hour later I went to bed and woke up with a perfect manicure. 4 days of socks in perfect condition - without chips and scratches, at the tips not erased. It can be worn longer, but the soul requires color changes. The brush is flat but narrow. It does not bother me, it’s convenient to apply. Below is a photo of the brush:

Why is it Indian summer? Because with different lighting it can be either a typical autumn varnish or a dazzling summer varnish. Indoors and in the shade - autumn. Pink-gold like the color of red maple leaves. But as soon as the ray of the sun touches the surface of the nail, the color becomes golden! It blinds, even "bunnies" appear in the eyes. It is so bright, brilliant, like a scorching summer sun. But from words we will pass to swatch, there will be a lot of photos! All photos on day 4 socks.

In the shadow:

In the sun:

Overflows from gold to pink (usually I see it that way):

I found lipstick in my purse:

On flash, in the shade. On the thumb is the darkest shade of this varnish, this is what happens in the evening when there is not enough sunlight:

I hope I’m not very tired!
Duration of use: 4 days
Price: 180 rub.
Rating: 5+

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