Cream for curly hair, without gluing effect

Girls, I have a "mane" of curly hair like this but I still can’t really take care of them, because for several years I actively (and successfully) straightened them, but recently (already a year), I stopped straightening them. But a new problem appeared - how to put them in beautiful curls / curls so that they do not fluff and are not glued and seem dirty, well, and I want them to be softer? I have Vellaflex foam, Vellaflex spray, liquid crystals and the last purchase of OSIS + velvet cream to create curls. They all (except crystals) glue my curls, and I do not like the effect of hard hair, although this is invisible. Most of all now I like liquid crystals, OSIS has not justified my trust - it sticks my hair, although it is outwardly invisible. In short, this is what I want: an invisible cream that makes hair more well-groomed without the effect of wet hair, coarse hair, which simply removes the “fluff” and emphasizes the curls without staining them at the same time. Sounds somehow unrealistic, sort of, right? And ... I remembered, still glancing towards a certain cream brand Tony and Gai from the post of Sofia. What do you think about him too?

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