Such a bright Deborah Lippmann Sweet dreams

Hello! Today, my post is dedicated to the brightest and most cheerful varnish in my cosmetic bag. Actually, I don’t like to order cosmetics on the Internet, but this time I saw incredibly beautiful swatch, I could not stand it and so I bought such a varnish. I must say with the choice of the name the manufacturer hit the bull's eye: what is a more suitable name for such a miracle?<лак имеет="" вполне="" удобную="" кисточку,="" за="" один="" раз="" вполне="" можно="" прокрасить="" один="" ноготок=""> The smell is quite sharp, but the bistro disappears from the room after painting the nails.
The texture resembles jelly, so during the application of varnish you can not yawn: it freezes very quickly and then you can no longer fix the blemishes. as soon as you finish applying the first layer to the second hand, you can safely begin to apply the second layer, since the first is already completely frozen. The second layer dries for about 5 minutes, not more. If the varnish is worn in one layer, the overgrown nail is visible.
Durability 4 days, while the varnish can be removed from the nails with whole plates.
And the most important thing in varnish is color: cold pink mixed with fuchsia in the shade:he simply begins to sparkle in the sun with gold thanks to a speck of gold mica:
In the shadow:
Under the bright rays of the sun:And so the varnish in 2 layers looks on the nails:

Price: about 18 dollars USA

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