Protecting yourself from the sun with the Nuxe Brightening Program Daily UV Protector Spf30 PA +++

Hello, girls!
I understand that I’ve been a little late with my review, but maybe some of you are still going to the warmer climes and looking for sunscreen, someone will use it in the fall, and someone will come in handy for the future
In a word, I hope that the review will be useful, and I invite those interested (as well as a fan of posts with a bunch of text and a minimum of photos) under the cat.

I live in a place where sun protection should be year round, and not the lowest. Previously, I was not particularly puzzled by this, because I used daily decorative cosmetics with SPF. At first it was bb creams, then I switched to mineral makeup. But here recently I took out the Dr. Hauschka foundation cream from the bins, which I had previously rejected, but prudently had not been sent to the bin. The cream behaved surprisingly well, and with great pleasure I started using it, especially since its naturalness warms up soul, when I suddenly realized that my skin is now in no way protected from the sun, because I did not find a single component with a sun-protection property in the tonal structure. And, of course, as a conscious one, I attended to the screen searches.
In the pharmacy, I came across the Brightening Program Daily UV Protector SPF30 PA +++ from Nuxe. After a little reflection, remembering that I already have several products of this manufacturer, I decided to take it for a test.
Oddly enough, I did not find on the manufacturer’s website not only this product, but the entire Brightening Program series, which is represented by a full range of care products. However, I found quite a few articles about the launch of this line, as well as online stores where you can buy it. Therefore, I suppose that this is one of the lines that European manufacturers produce specifically for Asia.
So, after testing the tool for 3 weeks, I can draw some conclusions about it and share with you my impressions.
The photo:

I also attach a photo of the composition. Girls who understand, can tell me how good he is?

Detailed view:
The product is placed in a flat bottle, which for some reason I really like - it’s nice to somehow hold it in my hands, unlike the usual pharmacy tubes. It has the consistency of liquid milk of white color with standard Nyuksovskaya perfume. The manufacturer promises protection against UVA and UVB rays 365 days a year. Shelf life after opening to match this promise is 12 months. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. This is again the assurance of the manufacturer, but I must say that my very capricious skin reacts very positively to the product. Unlike many sunscreens, this did not clog my pores in 3 weeks and did not cause rashes. The screen can be applied both independently and on top of your care cream. In the mornings, after washing, I follow my usual routine, apply oil from Dr. Hauschka to my skin, then wait for just a couple of minutes and put on top the screen from Nyuks. The product is instantly absorbed and does not whiten the skin. The face after application shines within normal limits, approximately the same as from a moisturizer. I apply makeup no earlier than 15-20 minutes after applying the screen. Tonal lays down on him perfectly, does not roll. During the day, he also behaves within normal limits, a greasy shine appears after about the same period of time as without a screen.
It is difficult for me to objectively judge the very sun-protection function for which the product was purchased, but I hope that it works. I never had freckles and age spots, but I want to believe that I will not get to know them with proper protection in the future.
this is how milk looks on the hand really, very liquid, spreads instantly
Price: approx. $ 31
Test period: 3 weeks
I would rate the product at 5. The consistency is good, the interaction with the skin, too, unless someone can scare away the perfume, but I like it. Will I buy it again? It is unlikely, because most likely I will return to decorative cosmetics in SPF, but I will keep this product in mind for the future.
I hope the review comes in handy and saves anyone else from the sun
Thanks for attention.
I am Dasha, and to me as you please.

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