OPI Nail Lacquer Reviews

Good afternoon, dear ladies! The varnish that I present to your attention today has simply fascinated me! Initially, I didn’t want to write about him, as there were already several posts on the Beautician, but, having painted my nails, I could not resist the temptation to show it to you

Full name of varnish:
OPI German-icure by OPI G 19
Detailed view:
The varnish ideally lays down and instantly dries. The color is brown with a magnificent red shimmer. The varnish "burns" in the sun, and in the shade it looks amazingly rich-chocolate. In the first layer, the coating is translucent. To obtain the true color, 2 layers are required. Gloss is present, on my opinion is very good.

350 rub
Thank you for your attention. I hope you like it too.

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